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Bindi Sergardi is a farm which has stayed in the same family since the 1400s and has been passed from one generation to the next in natural succession. It has undergone all the phases of good agricultural practice in use over the centuries and has now had to accept its transformation into a family company, justified and made necessary by the dimensions of a property which comprises over a thousand hectares.
The lay of the land does not consent extensive cultivations in this day and age, but imposes a search for niche products of high quality, vocation and imagination. A natural consequence of this is that the members of the family who today run the farm (represented by two generations: Nicolò Casini and his daughter Alessandra) have emphasized two main sectors, namely the production of fine wine and the breeding of thoroughbred race horses, with a side line of olive oil from our hills in Chianti.

The XXI century has also imposed a search for a greater profit in selling our products and the most logical answer was to create a commercial activity to distribute the farm’s production. Thus the brand Bindi Sergardi was born, a name from the maternal side of our family, which shall assume the responsibility and possibly the honors which may emerge from the direct marketing of the goods which we have learned to produce in long years of hard work and which we hope to learn to distribute in the centuries to come.


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